1. Luna Muse Lyre Improvisation No. 2 October 2000
    Luna Muse

  2. Letting Go Is Hard (Lake House Studio 8/7/22 )

  3. Letting Go Is Hard
    Sea Are Bee

  4. Quoddy Loop 5/11/22
    Sea Are Bee

  5. Looping Improv 5//9/22
    Sea Are Bee

  6. Rolfe and Colie 4/10/22
    Rolfe and Colie

  7. 1/18/22 Blues
    Sea Are Bee

  8. Christmas In Colorado
    Sea Are Bee

  9. Time and Space
    Sea Are Bee

  10. Luna Muse Project
    Luna Muse Ensemble

  11. So Hard To Set You Free

  12. Luna Muse Vol. XL

  13. What You Mean To Me

  14. God Only Knows

  15. Share My Life With You
    Sea Are Bee

  16. Don't Cry Anymore
    Sea Are Bee

  17. The Hawkes Christmas Eve Jam 2020
    The Hawkes

  18. Masquerade
    Colie Brice III

  19. Share My Life With You
    Colie Brice III

  20. Per Sea Veer Ants

  21. August 29, 2020

  22. Say What You Want

  23. Old Sow Grill
    The Brices

  24. An American Tale
    Colie Brice III

  25. Your Light
    Colie Brice III

  26. Another Shot At Redemption

  27. Snow Dazed
    The Brices

  28. Another Day ( 7/4/15)
    Rockweed Ensemble

  29. Still Chill

  30. Another Day (Live at the Saint, Asbury Park 9/16/14)

  31. Silly Boy

  32. Boot Stomp Ramble

  33. Say You Will

  34. You Say You Miss Me
    Colie Brice and the New Age Blues Experience

  35. Eastported

  36. Searching 9/8/11 the SAINT acoustic

  37. Summer Wind/Damage Done 6/5/13

  38. Only Love Is Real (2/5/10)

  39. Forgiven

  40. Walk Away (live at the Saint 7/25/12)

  41. Reflection in Dm 11/9/12 with Elijah Brice

  42. El Toro Loco 6/14/12
    Colie Brice and the New Age Blues Experience

  43. Walk Away 6/14/12
    Colie Brice and the New Age Blues Experience

  44. A Major Good Night

  45. Cowboys & Indians/Get Gnarly/Just Can't Wait Medley (live soundcheck)
    Colie Brice & the New Age Blues Experience

  46. Asbury Alley Cat Groove in Gm
    Colie Brice & the New Age Blues Experience

  47. Father
    Phantom's Opera

  48. Just Passing Through (live jam)
    Colie Brice and the New Age Blues Experience

  49. I Need You (Grateful Version)

  50. Damage Done (live at the Saint 9/8/11)

  51. I Just Can't Wait

  52. Giving Up

  53. Giving Up
    Colie and Manuela

  54. Surf Clouds

  55. Second Class Citizen

  56. Another Night In Paradise

  57. The Sand Witch Promenade

  58. El Toro Loco

  59. Searching

  60. Little Red Fox

  61. Lost At Sea
    Colie Brice (with Matt Lott on Sax)

  62. Pretty Baby


Colie Brice Eastport, Maine

Colie Brice is a prolific recording artist with bold experimental, eclectic, and eccentric streaks. Sounds range from simple raw live recordings to full on well produced aural masterpieces, songs range from silly improvisational jams to serious songwriter territory, singing ranges from a throaty Bruce influence to smooth hints of Freddie Mercury. The guy is also a vicious southpaw blues player.. ... more

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