by Colie Brice




by Coleman R. Brice

F6/G E7 /G#

Had your share of failing and your train’s been derailing,

Am7 F Fsus4 F

it’s OK we all make mistakes.


C D7

All the bad moves you’re making, all the hearts that you’re breaking

Eb D C

Rest assured, you’re forgiven

Eb D C

Life the life you’ve been given

(vs. 2) There ain’t no sense in shaming, there ain’t no use in blaming

We all get lost for a while.

Chorus repeat


Bb F Bb F

We all have our cross to bear, we all want more folks to care,

Gm F Gm F

We’re all seeking absolution, we all need resolution

E E7

I know I do..

(vs. 3) All the songs you’ve been singing, all the wrongs you’ve been bringing,

ain’t really who you are.

Chorus 4x

Last time, “Certainly life’s worth living”

© 2013 Eastport Enterprises LLC


released March 26, 2013
Coleman R. Brice



all rights reserved


Colie Brice Eastport, Maine

Colie Brice is a prolific recording artist with bold experimental, eclectic, and eccentric streaks. Sounds range from simple raw live recordings to full on well produced aural masterpieces, songs range from silly improvisational jams to serious songwriter territory, singing ranges from a throaty Bruce influence to smooth hints of Freddie Mercury. The guy is also a vicious southpaw blues player.. ... more

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